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                Where should warning lights, warning signs or safe

                點擊: 發布時間:2020/6/3 14:16:57

                Warning lights, warning signs or safety protection facilities shall be set up at the crossings where railways and roads intersect.Warning signs shall be set up at a certain distance from an unguarded railway crossing.Road maintenance construction units shall, when carrying out maintenance and repair on roads, set up standardized safety warning signs and safety protection facilities in accordance with regulations.Vehicles and machinery for road maintenance construction operations shall be equipped with warning lights, be sprayed with obvious logo patterns, and be equipped with enlightening warning lights and hazard warning strobe lights.

                The traffic administrative department of the public security organ shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of traffic safety on roads under construction without interruption.

                When there is a traffic jam, timely do the diversion, traffic order maintenance.

                If road construction requires vehicles to detour, the construction unit shall set up signs at the detour;If detour is not possible, a temporary passage shall be built to ensure the passage of vehicles and pedestrians.If a road needs to be closed to interrupt traffic, it shall make an announcement to the public 5 days in advance, except in case of emergency.The departments in charge of maintenance and administration of roads or traffic facilities shall, in accordance with the national standards, set up warning signs and safety protection facilities along dangerous road sections such as sharp bends, steep slopes, cliffs and water frontage.