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                Variable-frequency motors and fans are produced and sold

                "Innovation, green, win-win" business philosophy







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                A. Embedded control: for example, the brushless motor will detect the steering phase when it turns. The brush motor is switched by carbon brush.

                B. Advanced control algorithm: Recently, the motor control field has one of the best transfer algorithm FOC, many production departments in the 16-bit SCM has been moved to THE FOC algorithm, also known as the reduced instruction FOC algorithm.

                C. Digital control loop: There is an advantage of digital control loop. In the past, some parameters of a simulator need to be adjusted and changed, which may change the organization of some resistors and capacitors.

                D. Higher level of integration: there are many peripheral controls. If the detection part of current loop is also put in the chip, some isolation circuits will be put in it, so the level of integration will be higher.

                E. Higher precision and linearity of the motor: for example, to subdivide to 256, or half current, the motor runs at full current during operation, but reduces current during reduced or no operation.